Member Spotlight: Meet Telecom2

We would like to introduce you to Telecom2, one of our Fixed Line providers, and also a long standing member of our Board.

We interviewed Rob Johnson the Chairman for Telecom2 and he told us they are a technical development operation specialising in telecoms and billing, and their clients include TV companies and Premiership Football Club!

You can read the full interview here: Telecom2 Spotlight Member Feature


2015 AIME Board announced

AIME welcomes Ibs Ali of Open Market, Alan Partington of Telecom 2 and Alex Haffner of Dentons to the Board

The Association for Interactive Media and Entertainment –AIME is pleased to announce the addition of three new members, Alan Partington, Ibs Ali and Alex Haffner to its Board of Directors.

AIMEs Board directs and oversees the operation of the Association as well as playing an active role in managing working groups and providing feedback regarding the industry sectors that AIME represents. AIME attempts to ensure that the board represents every vertical market that comprises membership.

Alan Partington from Telecom2 ( is a welcome addition to the Board to ensure that AIMEs focus on fixed line services remains strong as the industry enters its most significant transitional period with the introduction of split charging for consumers for calls to non-geographic service number ranges such as 09, 08 and 118. Alan replaces BT stalwart Graham Pottie and was uncontested.

Ibs Ali from Open Market ( is the Head of Account Management with responsibility for the commercial and operational delivery of mobile messaging and mobile payments solutions across OpenMarket’s client base. The client base includes AIMEs membership in Charity and Broadcast. Ibs previous experience includes News International, MINICK and Net Mobile and is an active participant in AIMEs working groups.

Alex Haffner from Dentons  ( ) is a Senior Associate at Dentons and has been opted on to the AIME Board to bring in his experience in the Regulatory and Competition Law fields. Alex will also be beneficial for the AIME board for his ability to assist with broader Board level discussions around the evolution of financially regulated micropayment services such as eMoney and Payment Services. Alex brings with him broad experience in the areas that AIME operates and his expertise in competition law relates to AIMEs strength in putting competitors together to examine common issues or opportunities

Chairman Edward Boddington stated today “We have a superb board with represented expertise from across the membership covering Broadcast, Mobile, Fixed line, Service Provision and Digital services promotion. These new Board Members, help us to complete the picture, replacing other board members that we have sadly lost due to changing roles. I am very excited to be working with Alex, Ibs and Alan to strengthen AIME as a valuable and important trade association for the interactive media and entertainment industries.