Membership Information & Benefits

Learn more about the different Membership levels and benefits we offer, and how we have supported hundreds of businesses across the interactive media industries over the years.

aimm has a membership that represents the entire value chain. From the providers of information to the network operators and technical service providers that deliver them to customers. No other organisation has such reach or representation.

One of the core benefits of joining aimm is our representation of our members’ commercial interests in the Interactive Media Industry. This is not only through representing members’ interests to Government and regulators, but also facilitating member Working Groups and forums to identify barriers to, and opportunities, for growth. The purpose of aimm is to create an environment of consumer confidence and trust within which our members’ commerce can flourish.

aimm has several working groups that bring together the value chain with industry focused meetings (e.g. Broadcast, Regulatory and Charity, amongst others). These prioritise discussions that  drive industry growth and members’ revenues and encourage regulatory compliance. The output from our working groups and workshops are specific whitepapers and reports that benefit members’ businesses. We constantly review and update our working groups and forums so that we are discussing the most important and relevant topics and issues that are relevant to our members industries. To find out what Working Groups are active at the moment visit:

aimm members gain access to market intelligence, enjoy business to business connection opportunities with a wide range industry contacts and network with the leading companies in the interactive and micropayments sector.


aimm Membership and Benefits

Whatever level your business is at, we have a membership level to suit your needs. Choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze to get the correct level of support for your business.

To learn more about our membership, prices and the benefits you will receive use the button below to get a copy of your PDF information pack:



Member get Member scheme 

In addition we are now offering rewards through our Member get Member scheme! Members can get up to 10% of the new member’s annual fee when the company that you recommend joins! The more new companies you introduce the more £££ (in vouchers) you will receive if they join! For more details please see attached information leaflet:  aimm Member get Member scheme information.


Additional Benefits of being an aimm member

As well as having access to the knowledge and work that aimm produce with industry, and the ability to attend our range of Working Groups, workshops and meetings, and receive all the work that comes from these such as meeting notes, reports and industry white papers, you can also benefit from member only discounts to external conferences and events that we partner with. We email our members directly with any partner offers that are available at the time, so you don’t miss out.

We also have a members only area ‘Member to Member Services‘ where other aimm members share exclusive discounts and offers to the membership. This ranges from legal expertise to compliance and auditing services. Remember to take a look on the website in the Member Information tab. You will need your members online login to access these deals.



Want to become a Member of aimm?

If you are interested in becoming a member and joining our other interactive media companies simply complete the application form below and we will get in contact to complete your application process and get you set-up. Want to learn a bit more before you commit? Simply get in contact with us using our CONTACT FORM and a member of the team will be in touch to answer any questions you have.

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