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The activities of the Charity Text Action Group are focused primarily around resolving any issues with charity text via short code ranges, growing society lottery services, examining charity call centre activities and assisting technology and fundraising companies.

Under discussions are a range of topics such as the use of unique 72 shortcode range for society lotteries to maximise VAT exemption, aimm’s work with EU on donation value thresholds and changing the regulatory requirements for regular giving by text.

CTAG comprises of society lottery managers, donation enabling companies, campaign management companies and aggregators/intermediaries.

Although this group has a different remit to the Broadcast Charity Working Group, there may be mutual benefits from the output of each.

Group is focusing on:

  • Gambling Commission requirements
  • Driving Society Lottery success
  • Improvements in technology for donation and lottery systems¬†
Meeting Notes
  • 12/01/17 - 
    CTAG Presentation
    CTAG Presentation from 12th Jan 2017 meeting
    Author: AIME
  • 01/10/16 - 
    CTAG Meeting
    Meeting summary notes from Sept 2016
    Author: AIME
  • 24/05/16 - 
    CTAG Meeting Notes
    Meeting notes and actions from May 2016
    Author: AIME
  • 5/11/15 - 
    CTAG Meeting Notes
    Meeting notes and actions from September 2015
    Author: AIME Team
  • 28 April 2015 - 
    CTAG Draft Meeting Notes
    First meeting from the joint MDA and AIME Charity Text Action Group in April 2015
    Author: Andrea Putnam-Moorcroft
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