Membership Policies

aimm Core Ethics for members

– Members shall maintain fair and professional business practice towards peers and customers at all times.
– Services offered by members shall be lawful and presented in a manner that promotes and preserves the principle of informed consumers enjoying freedom of choice.
– Members shall not mislead or seek to deceive consumers regarding advertising, content, operation or billing of services.
– Members shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection of minors and the vulnerable from inappropriate services or content.

You can view the full aimm Code of Ethics document here.

aimm membership Terms and Conditions

aimm Terms and Conditions of Membership March 2023

aimm Membership Review Policy

aimm’s policy is to work with members constructively to address problems if things go wrong, enabling members to learn from issues and improve service offerings.

aimm members must reflect the high standards of business practice central to the aimm ethos, and if efforts to resolve issues fail, then aimm will apply its Membership Review Policy in assessing a member’s eligibility for continued membership.

aimm Membership Review Policy

aimm Articles of Association

aimm’s Articles of Association were updated in February 2024 and can be viewed here.

Members can read them here: aimm Articles of Association

The Memorandum and information for the company can also be found here: aimm change of name certificate    Memorandum for aimm