What we do

aimm promotes success in the Interactive Media and Micropayment industry by driving commercial growth and protecting the regulatory environment under which members operate. aimm’s four main channels of activity are bringing together members under working groups and forums, educating members through knowledge seminars and training courses and interfacing with regulators to ensure member’s operational environment is robust.

Working groups & forums

One of the core benefits of aimm is the representation of commercial interests of member companies in the interactive media industry. This is not only through representing members’ interests to Government and regulators, but also facilitating member forums to identify barriers to, and opportunities for, growth. aimm has several forums that bring together the entire interactive media value chain, often within a particular sector (e.g. broadcast, charity, mobile, micropayments and gambling) to prioritise issues that will drive industry growth and members’ revenues.

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Knowledge & Networking (K&N) events

Knowledge & Networking events have been successfully organised by aimm for several years now. These events are focused and open forums that attract between 60 –100 attendees on a regular basis. With mediated presentations from our industry speakers, discussion and audience Q&A formats followed by networking drinks, these events are designed to promote engaging debate about key industry trends and issues within an intimate and relaxed environment. Our speakers deliver practical, in-depth presentations and case studies, participate in mediated panel discussion and answer questions from the floor.

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Regulatory consultation responses

aimm has been successfully representing members’ interests to key regulators since 1995. In this time the regulatory landscape has changed a great deal and aimm continues to be on the forefront of this change, ensuring that members’ collaborative views on regulation are heard. aimm analyses every consultation released, to check whether member’s businesses could be affected and will then organise and deliver a response to the regulator, after member’s views are collaborated.

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Industry training

Since our first training course was launched in 2011, aimm has trained over 350 industry professionals, including the regulators Phone-paid Services Authority & Ofcom, to improve industry understanding of micropayments and their application to business. aimm understands the delicate balance between wanting to invest in staff training and sacrificing a whole work day for staff to attend a course, so we have recently developed half day training courses as well as a range of webinar topics which deliver timely, essential updates to staff who never have to leave their desk. Topics for training courses include premium rate courses, payment services regulation as well as offering customised industry focused training on key topics.

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