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In our effort to ensure that we address the industry issues that surround the lack of consumer understanding of micropayments services, our new working group has been formed. In parallel the group will encourage the standardisation of great working practices within the member base, to allow our external communications to focus on promoting the excellent results being achieved in an environment that protects the consumer.

The group will focus on remedying the lack of education for the public on their interactions with payment mechanics, by providing accessible information which will reduce the damage done to the industries reputation by negative or false PR. It will also look to standardise customer care processes across the membership and offer support and knowledge to all customer care operatives with templated information and industry agreed practices for provision to their customers.

TERMS OF REFERENCE: Internal Standardisation and External Education


To assist the Board in fulfilling its ambitions in relation to the standardisation of excellent practice throughout both the member base and external businesses, producing white papers detailing agreed transparent process to facilitate growth and reduce harm.

To address a lack of consumer knowledge in the area of micropayments, educating the public with reliable, accessible information suitable for publication across a number of sources, including regulators, mobile network operators and trade association statements and news stories.


Open to all Silver and Gold members


aimm are mindful that the Payfor it brand/DCB and historically PRS has been damaged by both bad practice within the industry and false PR/comms from consumers and uneducated operator customer service teams. There is a need to raise the profile of positive news stories in this area, alongside a requirement to re-educate consumers who may have inaccurate views of payment mechanics, and to arm customer care operatives within the networks with correct information for them to relay to their callers.

Initial priorities in this group are listed as being:

  • Pricing transparency – compiling best practice for flows
  • Sharing successful Customer Service practices
  • Addressing MNO and MVMO custumer service education – reducing emotive language, inflammatory wording, disputing inaccuracies
  • Producing MNO and MVNO website information informing customers accurately about payment mechanics
  • Best possible outcomes for billing information
  • PayforitSucks –engage and understand/educate?
  • Good news PR and comms (ie HTTPS security audits, new uses and users of PFI)
  • False statement rebuttal –pre-agreed statements from aimm/PSA


aimm’s working groups run as required throughout the year (group dependant) and are constituted from aimm members, guests who may add to the meeting content, external speakers and observers.

Meeting Notes
  • 2019 07 09 - 
    ISEE meeting notes July 2019
    Meeting notes from ISEE working group meeting 9th July 2019
    Author: aimm
  • 2019 07 09 - 
    ISEE Presentation July 2019
    Presentation from ISEE working group meeting on 9th July 2019
    Author: aimm
  • 2019 03 07 - 
    ISEE meeting-notes 070319
    Meeting notes from ISEE working group on 7th March 2019
    Author: aimm
  • 2019 03 07 - 
    ISEE Presentation
    Presentation from ISEE working group meeting on the 7th March 2019
    Author: aimm
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