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To assist the Board in facilitating exploring the opportunities of e-money and removing the digital payments barrier.

To collaboratively agree commercially attractive target markets and the approach required from aimm and industry to ensure maximum exploitation of micropayments in these areas of commercial growth.

Whilst regulatory simplification is crucial to growing this area, aimm wants this working group to also focus on short and longer term emerging markets and new uses for Direct Carrier Billing.

Meeting Notes
  • 2019/12/03 - 
    Carrier Billing Meeting Notes
    Meeting notes from 3rd December working group
    Author: aimm
  • 2019/12/03 - 
    CBWG Presentation
    Presentation for 3rd December 2019 meeting
    Author: aimm
  • 2019/07/09 - 
    Carrier Billing Meeting Notes July 2019
    Meeting notes from first Carrier Billing working group 9th July 2019
    Author: aimm
  • 2019/07/09 - 
    Carrier Billing Presentation
    Presentation deck for 9th July 2019 meeting
    Author: aimm
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