aimm Board

The purpose of aimm’s Board is to ensure that the trade association achieves its mission and goals. They set the long and short term directions  and ensure that the finances are in good order. Board members are elected from the aimm membership by aimm members.

aimm Board

The Board exists to ensure that the association’s members interests are being upheld. The aimm Board is also expected to contribute towards the success of aimm, to act as a conduit to increase membership, prevent loss of membership, participate in initiatives and working groups and share their individual expertise into aimm, to help the Executive and members to gain benefit from their expertise.

Board Elections 

At this year’s 2024 aimm Board elections we received nominations from 3 members, 2 of whom re-stood for their seats, and we were pleased to welcome them back.  We are also very happy to welcome a new member onto the Board who will be replacing his colleague, who has been a long term Board member, so we are pleased that we keep the expertise within the Board. We are also welcoming a new face from the charity sector who has kindly agreed to join and cover maternity leave for her team member while she is away.

Learn more about our current Board members and their experience across the interactive media industries below:

The elected Board members make collective decisions that will affect aimm’s direction. No single Board member can influence the direction of aimm without full Board approval.

The aimm Board also recruits relevant expertise to ensure the full breadth of membership interests are represented fairly. These Board members are called co-opted members and they do not have any voting rights.

Board meetings are held quarterly and concentrate on:

  • Strategic direction and decisions
  • Giving direction and guidance to the Executives activities
  • Policy changes
  • Budget approval and financial governance
  • Where required, approve membership applications
  • Set and monitor aimm’s annual objectives & KPI’s
  • Where required adjudicate on members’ conduct and the aimm Code of Ethics when appropriate

Are you interested in becoming a member of the aimm Board in the future and want to know more? Read our guide: Being a Board Member

For more information please feel free to contact the aimm Executive. The role of the Board and the elections are in accordance with our Articles of Association.