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Our new Google Ads Placement and Creation Working Group has been created in partnership with MCP Insight, and is tasked with improving ad clarity, reducing consumer confusion, and optimising campaigns through industry collaboration.

The purpose of the working group is to help improve the merchant/customer experience when using Google Ads to promote services, as well as review the creation and placement of Google ads to assist with successful ad campaigns.

The objectives of our new Working Group are:

  • Providing greater clarity to Industry on the optimal method to create Google Ads

  • Reducing harm caused by ads that inadvertently can mislead consumers and lead to unnecessary merchant spend

  • Share data, trends, experience and advice with the aim of educating the value chain – and the regulator – as to the potential issues in this area

We believe that Industry should work together to develop best practices to reduce consumer harm, mitigate against the risk of regulatory scrutiny, and optimise their Google Ads campaigns to deliver a more positive customer experience.

The working group is being formed to explore these issues and, where possible, agree best practice to mitigate the risk of consumer complaints and regulatory scrutiny. The working group will also look at another issue affecting consumers and advertisers. Google RDAs use optimised targeting to place ads on high-conversion websites and apps. However, some unscrupulous publishers exploit the algorithm by building websites specifically designed.

aimm and MCP Insight believe that by developing and adopting best practice it would reduce the conversion rates of unscrupulous publisher sites, thereby reducing complaints and protecting advertising spend.


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