New AIME Board announced

Thank you to all members who voted for this year’s positions for the AIME Board.

We are now delighted to announce the 2016-2017 Board membership. During the Board meeting, the positions of  Vice Chair(s) was decided by the full Board. It was agreed that two vice chairs that represent the membership worked well and would continue in this new term.

New Board Positions:

  • Vice Chairs: Eric Feltin (Safari Mobile) and Rob Weisz (Fonix)
  • New elected Board Members: Kevin Dawson (Oxygen8) and Paul Murphy (OpenMarket)
  • Re-elected Board Member: Jeremy Stafford Smith (Vodafone)

Remaining Board:

  • Chairman: Edward Boddington (Harvest Media)
  • Alan Partington (Telecom2)
  • Barry Hayter (ITV)
  • Toby Padgham (AIME Executive Director)
  • Sally Weatherall (Strategic Brief) (Board Advisor)
  • Alex Haffner (Dentons) (Opt-in)
  • Hamish MacLeod (MBG) (Opt-in)

The Board expressed its gratitude to Chris Newell (ImpulsePay) for his previous tenure and significant contribution to AIME’s activities.

Board Elections – Nomination for candidates now open

During February we welcome nominations/candidates for the upcoming vacancies on the AIME Board. Each Board member serves a term of two years each before coming up for election. If you wish to apply we ask that they are accompanied by a Bio, Manifesto and a photograph sent to

If you would like to submit your candidacy please ensure that you take the time to read the document about Board Responsibilities.

On 28th February, we will close nominations and ask Members to vote over the next two weeks. Election results will be announced on 17th March.

Members will be asked in March to vote for their favourites of all the nominees. Sponsor members get three votes, Executive Members get two votes and Associate Members get one vote.

AIME 2016 Board Elections are starting soon

Time flies when you are having fun and although it only feels like a couple of months since our last Elections it it time to get ready to cast your votes for the AIME Board. We will be confirming the number of places that will be available on the AIME Board and then call for Board submissions.

All Executive and Sponsor members  are able to stand for election for the AIME Board. You will be required to attend the quarterly meetings through the year as well as be actively involved with the work the Executive do.

You can find more about Board responsibilities from our Board Page here.

If you are interested in standing please let AIME know of your interest. Further information including the number of vacancies that will be up for election will be sent out to the Membership soon.