New aimm Board announced

We are pleased to announce our new 2024 aimm Board.

This year we had 3 Board members who had reached their term from Donr, ITV and sb7.

We are pleased that our members from both Donr and ITV have decided to restand and will continue on in their positions on the Board. We are thrilled that a new member from sb7 has decided to take up the mantle going forwards and will be joining the Board in April. We are also happy that BBC Children in Need will also continue to represent the charity sector at the Board meetings.

We are pleased to continue working with our Board members from across the value chain, who have been tireless in their support of aimm, and continue to drive our mission and focus forward.

Our next Board meeting will be in mid-April where we will have the opportunity to welcome our new members and look at our focus for the coming year.

Learn more about the aimm Board and our Board members and the role they play in aimm.