Next-generation energy switching management, with Bounce – from Global and Ideavate

Global, the Media & Entertainment Group have launched an innovative energy switching and management service, under the new brand Bounce, with the service built and operated by technology business Ideavate.

Bounce is a white label version of Ideavate’s Energy Switching Solution, and provides first to market capabilities in a number of ways, all designed to make the consumer’s life easier:

  • Consumers are able to securely provide access to their current energy account, so that they don’t need to figure out their current tariff and consumption.
  • Consumers are provided with a free energy report, which visually shows the impact of switching on their monthly costs.
  • As well as helping consumers save money right away, they have an unprecedented set of options for managing ongoing switches, so they can overcome the hassle of switching and never overpay in future.
  • Consumers can choose from:
    • Self-service: automatic reminders at the right time to come back to the app and switch
    • Auto-switch: be automatically switched once the criteria are met (amount of savings available, customer service rating, renewable energy source, etc.)
    • One-click switching: receives texts or emails in future with deals which meet their criteria, and upon confirming they wish to go ahead, the switch is automatically undertaken.

Check out how to switch with Bounce here.