Introducing our new working groups for 2019

Following on from feedback from our members on what is important to your business we have reviewed our working groups, and given them a refresh for 2019 to make them more relevant and valuable for our members.


This new group will be looking at how the MNO’s and L1’s can work together to improve the current systems on services that require the secure passing of information.

The security project group is a short-medium term project seeking to identify common issues and resolutions whilst improving by open discussion and sharing of non-commercial knowledge in order to reach conclusions that benefit all parties and reduces consumer risk.

Chair: Oliver Cooke – IMImobile

First Meeting: 5th March – invited members



To assist the Board in fulfilling its ambitions in relation to the standardisation of excellent practice throughout both the member base and external businesses, producing white papers detailing agreed transparent process to facilitate growth and reduce harm.

To address a lack of consumer knowledge in the area of micropayments, educating the public with reliable, accessible information suitable for publication across a number of sources, including regulators, mobile network operators and trade association statements and news stories.

Chair: Abi Hillman – ITV, Vice Chair: Eric Feltin – Atlas Mobile

First Meeting: 7th March – book your seat through aimm



This working group was created to assist the Board in facilitating a simplified regime of regulation, with the aim of shortening the time to market for new product launches.

To collaboratively agree commercially attractive target markets and the approach required from aimm and industry to ensure maximum adoption of micropayments in these areas of commercial growth.

Chair: TBC, Vice Chair: James Mcfarlane – PM Connect

First Meeting – not yet arranged


Continuing Working Groups

Working Groups that have value and continue to have high attendance and engagement have been kept to continue the valuable work they are doing.


The Charity Working Group convenes regularly throughout the year with a remit to maximise opportunities in this area, by the sharing of good practice, new initiatives and technologies, success stories and  -where required – cautionary tales. It is attended by our charity members, broadcasters, MNO’s and L1’s in a positive environment of knowledge sharing and campaign learning.

This group works with legislators and regulators to help them understand the sector, therefore attempting to minimise unnecessary regulation, whilst continuing to ensure that charitable services always have consumer trust at the heart of their operation.

Chair: Rob Wiesz – Fonix

Next Meeting: May 2019 date TBC



This working group allow the UK broadcasters to get together and discuss current industry issues, and future looking business opportunities. The group looks at interactive broadcast innovation opportunities, and ways to improve engagement with consumers across channels and drive growth in a responsible manner.

Chair: Joel Stern – Global

Next Meeting: when requested


You can find out what groups are running from our EVENTS CALENDAR

If you are a member you can read our previous working group meeting notes, you will be requested to login to access these. If you do not have a web account please contact aimm who can set this up for you. 




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