Q&A with Matt Charles: Grabyo and the power of social media video sharing

This month, the Exchange blog is joined by Matt Charles of Showcaster and Grabyo, who’ll be answering our questions on the recent launch of Grabyo; an exciting new way to share TV clips through social media.

What is Grabyo and how do viewers use it?

In short, the idea is that with one click viewers can grab the last 20 seconds of what they are watching on television and share it with their own comments on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve developed this with our ShowCaster team, so we have put plenty of experience from working with a number of broadcasters into the launch of Grabyo with Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model and the show’s sponsors TRESemmé on the Sky Living channel.

Users do not need to download an application and Grabyo works in whichever way they are watching television. They simply go to the website, select the programme and click to record a clip, which can then be instantly shared through a link on social networks.

The clips incorporate promotional messages and advertising, allowing sponsors to extend their association with the show to the social conversation, in this case by promoting hair care products.

Can this used in any Broadcasted show or are there limitations?

Conceptually, Grabyo could work with any televised programme or platform, but of course there are always issues to consider around rights.  Working with all parties in the broadcast value chain is the best approach, from broadcasters, production companies, right through to brands.

What are the main commercial opportunities and applications for Grabyo?

It’s a new ad revenue stream for broadcasters. The idea is that viewers will naturally want to share their favourite moments with their friends via social media, increasing the visibility of the live show and exposure to the broadcasters programmes and on demand platforms with a better experience provided via video clips.

Tagged onto the start and end of the clip, brand stings and advertising from the broadcaster and show sponsor can be added to extend their brand reach and association with the show, as well as increasing the online conversation around the show. In BINTM’s case, show sponsor TRESemmé took the promotion of their hair care products into the digital age.

Won’t viewers be put off by advertising messages being added to the clips they share?

We don’t think so. Whether users will tolerate sponsorship of clips is something that only time will tell, but it’s important to remember that the show sponsor is partnering with the show because the audience demographic is relevant to their brand – therefore the adverts attached the clips are also relevant to the audience, making it less likely viewers will be put off.

For Grabyo to realise its potential, it needs to achieve scale – something that is possible with the power of social media. With Grabyo’s capabilities, added to the rise in adoption of smartphones and tablet devices, it seems that the use of video clips will only continue to rise, so Grabyo is well placed to add an extra level of engagement as well as a new experience to popular broadcast content.

More information on Grabyo can be found on the website here: www.grabyo.com or to contact Matt, just leave your contact details here: http://about.grabyo.com/