Payforit releases the latest update to its scheme rules to include the In-App billing checkout flow

Payforit – the mobile micropayment scheme backed by all four UK mobile network operators – is to launch an update of its scheme rules on 21st November 2013 to reflect new and emerging ways to use Payforit to make mobile payments, including in-app billing. The Payforit scheme has periodically been developed and revised since it was first launched to ensure that it keeps pace with changes in the Charge to Mobile payments arena, while continuing to provide a consistent and transparent standard that allows consumers to buy with confidence. The Payforit scheme provides a standardised set of payment/check-out screens that deliver clear pricing, after sales contact points, Terms & Conditions and an SMS receipt to ensure every consumer knows what, when and from whom they purchased digital products and services.

The latest version of the Scheme Rules – Payforit 4.1 – reflects all of the new flows that have been accepted by the cross-network Payforit Management Group, and in particular the In-App billing flow has been introduced following the development of Games and Apps that enable a consumer to purchase further services/content while using their App. The In-App payment flow has undergone significant trials and testing with the cross-network Approved Payment Intermediary Syniverse. Global Charge has been accepted as the first ( of several ) secure mobile payment libraries that can be incorporated into Apps to deliver this style of Payforit flow. Other significant revisions in this version include:

• Enhanced Single Click; a payment flow to allow consumers to buy multiple items, typically music tracks or videos and to receive a single SMS receipt to list all purchases covering a short period
• Taking on industry feedback to improve some payment screens.

The In-App payment capability, Enhanced Single Click, Document authoring and updating and other improvements were co-ordinated by the Payforit Working Group run by the micropayment trade association, AIME ( ). The AIME Working Group brings together mobile network operators, their Payment Intermediaries, the premium rate regulator and online mobile merchants to discuss and agree how the Payforit scheme can be continuously evolved to provide services for mobile consumers in line with advancements in mobile technologies.

A Member of the Payforit Management Group said, “We’re delighted to be able to launch the revised Scheme Rules today and they will play an important role in ensuring that consumers are able to charge digital goods and services to their mobile account simply and easily, and this will help promote Payforit to merchants as an exciting and effective payment solution.”