Fundraising via SMS donations made easier for Charities

Following a successful pilot period, PhonepayPlus has set out its plan to make regular text donation to charities easier. Following consultation with Industry, PhonepayPlus has announced a Statement of Application applying to registered UK charities providing fundraising via a premium rate text shortcode on an on-going subscription basis.

For charities operating subscription-based premium rate SMS donations, this Statement:

– Permanently dis-applies rule 2.3.12(d)(v) of the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice (twelfth edition);

– Allows the use of SKIP facility so that subscribers can text SKIP to miss a given month’s subscription payment without opting out of the on-going donation entirely;

– Provides an exemption from the requirement to seek permission where donations exceed £4.50 in any given 7-day period.

UK registered charities and intermediaries working with them that operate or wish to operate premium rate subscription SMS donations should read the conditions set out within in the Statement.

You can view the full document relating to the changes here.