PhonepayPlus Regulatory Process

Some improvements are felt necessary to the PhonepayPlus regulatory process to ensure an efficient and proportionate response to consumer enquiries.

Action taken so far

– AIME has tabled 53 issues over past 12 months; 39 resolutions

– PP+ Investigation process published

– Programme of meeting for L1s to now cover DDRC

– Further data on complaints to be published quarterly

– ILP workshops launched to examine AIME suggestions on Polluter Pays; 30 day withhold rule; and contractual issues around suspension of services by L1

– Positive meeting on 27th Nov;

Action Plan to Resolve

– Discussion around 12th code review, digital marketing guidance, spend caps and request for information

– Setup appropriate intelligence sharing arrangements between the regulator and industry to facilitate a rapid response to consumer harm

– Regulatory Roundtable to continue to meet to indentify and work through issues