Help to shape AIMEs forward looking strategy

AIME launched its 2013 to 2016 Strategic plan to Members in July 2013. Download this here.

During 2013 and early 2014, it has become obvious that the operating environment for most Members is dramatically reshaping. Digital marketing for PRS goods was being attacked by misleading affiliate practices and malware. Economic downturn continued to bite hard on consumption. Consumer devices, usage and expectations have radically altered. Globalisation continues to change the shape of UK only interactivity.

Recognising that AIME needs to support Members with this fluid environment, the new AIME Board will meet on 19th June specifically to review the current Strategic Plan. Is it still effective and targeted? Does it continue to provide Membership value? Of the proposed plans, should AIME be doing more, less, the same or different?

The Board would welcome your input to the review of the 3 year Strategic Plan prior to the meeting.

How can you input your views?

  • Detail your thoughts in a document and send to
  • Request a simple survey from AIME that already has several questions to aid your thoughts.
  • Request a telephone interview giving the date and time that would be convenient.
  • Input thoughts directly to one of the Board

Please take time to provide Member feedback as this will help to ensure we operate for and on behalf of Members.