A message from the Chairman of aimm

I hope that everyone is having a great summer both professionally and personally.

As some of you will already know, today sees our new GM, Joanna Cox, start her tenure with AIMM. I’m really pleased that we were able to get someone of her calibre to lead us through the changes we want to make to the way that AIMM operates in the next few months.

First, a few words about Joanna.

Joanna has a wealth of experience in our industry. She has worked in several companies in our sector, heading up client services at both Telecom Express and Spoke Interactive and also with Channel 5, controlling both the commercial partnerships and interactive services divisions. This included management of Big Brother PRS, social media and App voting. This experience of running services means that she has a great understanding of the opportunities and the challenges that our industry faces.

One of the first things that Joanna will be doing from today is to come round to our members and spend some time understanding how AIMM can help you. Whether by phone, in person or through a questionnaire, she will be reaching out to everyone in the AIMM family to understand how we can best serve the industry. We want to help our members find the opportunities in the market as well as navigate the threats it poses. I would ask that you spend the time to give her as much constructive feedback as you can.

This is the first step in our plan to ensure that AIMM is being truly representative of the whole of our membership and will allow us to collect the information we need to structure our activities. We want to ensure that we are being relevant to all of our members and that we are focusing on the issues that really matter and that will make a difference to you.

Our purpose at AIMM is to help our member companies grow their businesses. This means getting all parts of the value chain to recognize the size of the opportunity and creating an environment where services can launch quickly, be operated simply and be regulated fairly. That is what we intend to work towards and Joanna’s role will be integral to that challenge.

I hope you all join me in welcoming her to AIMM and I look forward to a bright future for our industry.

Kind regards

Neil Johnson