Sponsor Spotlight: ImpulsePay

Impulsepay logo on white

Impulse Pay is one of the leading Payforit provider.

Through ImpulsePay, business of all sizes can now offer Payforit to their customers as an easy method of payment.

Backed by all the UK operators, mobile billing can increase your revenue by 50%.

ImpulsePay can be used across a wide range of Industries.

ImpulsePay launched in 2009 by Interlinked Media Ltd (a UK/US Marketing business which was sold in 2010), ImpulsePay is now an independent, profitable and growing UK business.

Our dashboard provides instant reporting, meaning you always have an accurate statement of every single payment through your account.

Pioneers for Payforit: We’ve worked extensively with the mobile networks and the industry organisation AIME to help create the latest iteration of Payforit.

With Payforit 4 from ImpulsePay, you can now embed the payment window directly onto your website or mobile web app. This ensures customers are never directed away from your site, they can pay quickly and easily within your branded checkout environment – with the reassurance of a secure transaction.

Our input into the Payforit working group was instrumental in shaping Payforit 4, and we continue to work with the industry in bringing new features to Payforit.All revenue is automatically paid to you 45 days after the end of the month, no waiting 2 or 3 months for your money to arrive.

If a customer is browsing on a mobile data connection (3G, gprs) ImpulsePay can automatically detect the mobile number and present a single click payment screen. There is no need for a customer to enter any of their details whatsoever, they simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button to make the payment.



With Payforit 4’s new Click&Pay functionality, ImpulsePay can now send a text message with a direct link to the merchant’s payment page.

When the customer reaches the payment page, they are presented with an auto-detect payment screen, regardless of what type of connection they are on, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.


For more information please visit their site: www.impulsepay.com