Spoke Support Disasters Emergency Committee with Interactive Donation Services

Automated Donation Services from Spoke help supporters to donate quickly and securely to the DEC Appeal for the Syria Crisis.

Spoke, the consumer engagement experts, are proud to be supporting the Disasters Emergency Committee ( DEC ) in their latest appeal for the Syria crisis, providing the automated donation services which enable supporters to donate quickly and securely and help those affected by the disaster.

Disasters Emergency Committee unites 14 of the UK’s leading aid agencies such as Oxfam, the British Red Cross and Save the Children, in times of a humanitarian disaster when a large scale response is called for. The latest appeal is for the Syria Crisis, where over five million people are in need of aid and huge numbers of people are fleeing their homes and the country. Over one million are now believed to have arrived in neighbouring countries and conditions are worsening day by day

Spoke’s expertise in interactive donation solutions comes with years of experience working with charities such as Comic Relief, UNICEF, Depression Alliance and Save the Children, as well as live donation management for events such as Red Nose Day and Sport Relief. Spoke’s automated donation technology enables card payments to be processed to PCIDSS level 1, with its partners Eckoh and BT, so that donors are assured of a rapid and highly secure method of donating funds. All donations for the Syria Appeal are processed and received by the DEC in the shortest possible time, allowing the DEC, through its network of member agencies to deploy the aid to alleviate suffering at the earliest opportunity.

Helen Calder, of the DEC commented: “As with any DEC appeal , the highest level of donation security and processing speed is essential, enabling us to act quickly to support the millions of people suffering in Syria. Spoke have processed a significant amount of donations over the past few weeks, contributing to the £7.4million raised to date. We know we can rely on Spoke’s services, along with the support of the public, to help those affected in this ongoing crisis.”

Rob Ellis, Managing Director of Spoke commented: “We’re proud to have helped the DEC on previous appeals and so it’s an honour to be able to support them again for such an important project. Their work in the Syria Crisis Appeal is essential and so the speed and reliability of our technology allows us to process the generous donations from the public as quickly as possible, contributing to the speed in which aid gets to all those affected.”