Premium Rate Foundation Training Course

About this course

PRS provides the ideal payment mechanic for charging customers for access to digital content or other services suited to micropayments (eg chat & dating, TV voting, competitions, charity donations, psychic or advice lines). With 100m+ mobile and landline phones in circulation, PRS provides ubiquitous access to services and enables spontaneous purchases to be made.

This one day training course will give delegates a good understanding of the commercial opportunity for using PRS and most importantly it will explain how to run services in a compliant manner, with a full overview of the current regulations and mobile operator rules relevant to different services.

Since 2011, over 190 Industry delegates have undertaken this course, in addition to the regulators PhonepayPlus & Ofcom.

Who should attend this course?

Are you new to the Industry? Do you need refreshing on the developments in PRS? Our Foundation course is perfect for beginners and established Industry players alike. Beginning with the basics, the course steadily covers everything you need to know, in an interactive and structured environment.

What can I expect to learn on the course?

Minimising checkout abandonment is key to improving revenues and providing consumers with a range of payment options has been shown to increase the chances of sales completion. AIME’s foundation course provides:

– An in-depth look at the opportunity for consumers to bill digital products to their phone bill through the PRS payment mechanics

– What as a business you need to know if implementing PRS billing for your business.

How can this course benefit my business?

– Provides Consumer insight

-Customer Service requirements

-Industry structure and value chains

-Players, terminology and roles and responsibilities

– PRS product overview – fixed and mobile, through to apps stores

– Technology developments and converged platforms

-Promotion of services – legacy and digital

-Regulatory Overview and Pp+ 12th Code of Practice

Our training days are open to both AIME members and non-members – please get in touch for further details.


£349 pp. (Sponsor & Executive Members),

£399 pp. (Associate Members),

£499 (Non-Members)

Enquiries: contact us or call 01252 711 443