Global Radio team up again with Square 1 Communications as Radio’s biggest competition, ‘Who’s on Heart’ returns.

Global Radio, the UK’s largest commercial radio company has partnered with Square1 Communications to launch Radio’s biggest competition, Who’s on Heart’ on Heart FM in 2014.

Listeners can win one of three big cash prizes by identifying the three secret celebrity voices played on Global’s Heart Network. For one lucky listener, naming all three secret celebrities will win them the big cash jackpot which starts at £30,000 and increases each time the game is played.

The Premium Rate IVR system used for Who’s on Heart was developed by Square1 Communications and handles the knowledge, judgement and skill requirement of the Gambling Commission on the phone line, meaning that the message given out on the radio is simpler and cleaner for the listener to grasp. Joel Stern, Commercial Manager at Global Radio said “We have worked with Square1 on a number of projects previously but Who’s on Heart in 2014 promises to be the biggest IVR competition we have run on Premium Rate to date. We are delighted with the bespoke platform they have built for us and are certain it will improve the revenue potential from this competition.”

The competition will run 6 days a week from Monday 6th January until all three secret celebrities have been identified.