Empello’s new Guardian technology scans the web for bad Affiliate Marketing

October 2014

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Empello, who provides compliance support and ad monitoring, has today announced a major leap forward in its Ad Monitoring capabilities.

Empello scans the web for non-compliant or misleading Affiliate Marketing, recording screenshots and URL details so action can be taken where necessary. So clients can harness the benefits of Affiliate Marketing, whilst minimising the risks.

The new technology, dubbed “Guardian”, is now active and provides Empello with vastly increased scanning and ad discovery capabilities.

Empello’s “Guardian” is essentially an automated robot which looks for websites containing specific types of adverts, e.g. premium SMS, mobile-billed services, and other products which are monetised via mobile payments.

For each site located, the robot automatically follows advertising links and captures a series of screenshots as well as every single URL from the end-to-end consumer journey.

Guardian does this by emulating a human using a real mobile, tablet or desktop device in a specific country on either a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G network. The target website and advertising network is unable to know the difference, since Guardian appears for all intents and purposes to be a real user.

In the battle against misleading Affiliate Marketing, Empello can now scan thousands of digital marketing placements every day, employing its Guardian technology.

Furthermore, new or changed sites can be quickly reviewed, and the resulting analysis processed by human analysts where non-compliance or other issues are detected.

Having invested heavily in this technology, Empello is pleased to continue providing its clients the best possible compliance support and advertising monitoring.

With Empello and Guardian at your side, it is now much safer to use Affiliate Marketing to promote Mobile services and Mobile-billed products.

About Empello


Empello helps global mobile operators, billing aggregators and on-line merchants identify and fix compliance issues. Across four continents the company monitors mobile internet advertising and m-payments for compliance with regulations.

The risks of non-compliance include brand damage, business disruption, financial penalties as well as loss of consumer trust.

As a business founded by former mobile network executives, Empello understands what is needed to support clients to minimise regulatory risk. Through the use of innovative technology, Empello detects, assesses and remedies non-compliance.

Empello delivers over 5,000 audits per year from its London headquarters using global testing capabilities. Working with clients throughout the value chain, Empello delivers a proactive solution to compliance.