PhonepayPlus 13th Code Consultation

PhonepayPlus released their consultation on the 13th Code
AIME summary of the proposed changes are:

  • Live services spend cap of £45, with £15 reminders
  • Childrens’ Services max £3 per item  £12-£20 per month
  • Email and web based support permitted as well as phone based
  • Price  caps /reminders removed from code and put onto a website to provide flexibility
  • Prior permission regime completely overhauled. Most prior permission requirements built into code
  • Prior permission overhaul has introduced a risk to subscription services
  • Certain categories of provider / service are exempted from registration requirement
  • Earlier notice of Track 2 starting so that corrective action can be taken.
  • Earlier withhold of revenue if PPP instigates a Track2.
  • Test for unreasonableness not required for a Review of a Tribunal decision.
  • Providers must go through paper-based tribunal first – exceptions have to be by evidenced based request
  • Changes to the ‘Vulnerability’ definition and scope
  • Changes to its power to determine L1 / L2 status (current rule 5.3.8c)

AIME polled Members views and also ran a workshop on 19th August. The final AIME Consultation response is available from the link below.