Ofcom: Approval of the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice (thirteenth Edition)

This consultation document seeks comments on whether Ofcom should approve, under section 121 of the Communications Act 2003, a new edition of the PhonepayPlus Code of Practice for regulating Premium Rate Services.

AIME responded in the  deadline requested 10th September 2014 – to support some of the changes proposed by PhonepayPlus but also expressed AIME Members concerns around uncertainty created by certain changes.

AIME has also expressed concern over changes to the enforcement procedures that could cause legal challenges when deployed due to the anomalies between UK and EU law and the proposals. We requested that PhonepayPlus stay these changes and use the current observations made by the English High Court on their procedures to start a review of procedures with a separate consultation.

AIMEs response to Ofcom is web based and may take some time to go live on Ofcoms site. To view the AIME response, click the response link below.

AIME Members Response – Ofcom approval of PPP 13th Code 10Sep14