Payment Services Review – aimm consultation response

As our response is guided and supported by Members’ input, and where the term “Members” is used this refers to those Members who engaged with us during the consultation process. Some views may be expressed that are not necessarily those of the aimm Executive or aimm’s Board of Directors.

aimm welcomes the opportunity to respond to the PSR Call for Evidence. To assist aimm in providing a comprehensive input to the review, aimm communicated with its Members in the following manner;

  • Whole Membership online workshops
  • Written input from Members
  • One-to-one telephone discussions

Information gathered from all those who attended meetings/submitted feedback in all these ways is presented below.

aimm Members who operate in the phone-paid services markets are broadly split into seven categories although there is some overlap inside individual Member businesses.

  • Fixed Line Networks who can be Fixed line Intermediaries
  • Mobile Networks
  • Mobile Intermediaries
  • Merchant providers of traditional Premium Rate Services i.e. fixed line, Premium SMS, and Direct Carrier Billing (paying for digital content/services by adding the amount payable to your phone bill)
  • Broadcasters (who are often Merchant providers)
  • Charities and Charity enablers (who are often Merchant providers)
  • Industry Support companies

aimm sought responses from Members across the Network Operators, Intermediary community, Merchant community, Third Party Verification and Anti-Fraud Specialists, Broadcasters and Charities and in this paper varying views are represented.