Compliance Audit Services

Enarpee Services

Enarpee are the experts in regulatory, audits and compliance advice for the Premium Telecommunications and Interactive Media Services industry.

Combining extensive practical, business and commercial experience with just the right mix of Regulatory & Compliance expertise including Ofcom, Phone-paid Services (PSA), ASA and other general law.

Enarpee are able to assist aimm members on ad hoc projects, or offer a consultancy package, providing a high level of support as and when required in the UK, Irish, European, Nordic, Australian, South/East African, North & South American markets.

This includes :

  • Product/Service Audits
  • Product Testing
  • Legal Advice
  • Copy Advice and Terms & Conditions
  • Crisis Management
  • Staff Training
  • Compliance Advice and Pre-Clearance
  • Refunds Management
  • Compliance Representation
  • Telecoms & Gaming Regulatory Service
  • Broadcast Support
  • Partner Introductions
  • GDPR Training and Support


– Up to 30 min free introductory session
– 20% off Enarpee standard rates for further work

Contact: Neil Penny | Kirsten Calland



Monitoring Compliance Partners


Market intelligence and compliance specialists with operations across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our reputation for ensuring the exercise of regulatory due diligence remains at the forefront of our clients’ online strategies has been key to our growth. Ranging from Payment Processors and Market Regulators to Network Operators and Online Merchants, our clients rely on us for qualitative insights imbued with real-time market insights.

MCP’s platform comprises of a hardware/software system that intelligently manages information/events in a real-time environment and which is particularly suited to fast-moving environments The platform (developed over the past 18 years) and MCP’s monitoring/auditing tools are underpinned by a comprehensive, easy to manage on-line tool for clients to access their data.

The 20 years of development behind our bespoke ad monitoring platform offers our clients an effective and intuitive tool to manage and scrutinise truly valuable data around their brands and the market in general.


  • Free initial consultations
  • 10% discount off our pricing packages


Declan Pettit

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Empello is a specialist in assisting networks, L1s and L2s to operate compliant PRS services. Empello has specific software and service solutions to audit PRS promotions and service operation.

With the jeopardy of high fines from Phone-paid Service Authority, it makes sound commercial sense to invest in 3rd party auditing. For networks and L1 there is a specific obligation under the 12th Code to perform DDRC on clients and their services.

For L2s using affiliate networks, we can offer a systematic approach to monitoring the activities of affiliates in affiliate networks.

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