Draft Guidance. Direct Display Advertising and Children’s Access to services

Direct advertising spend (Google Adwords, In-App adverts, YouTube adverts, Daily Motion etc.) has increased amongst digital content and services providers mainly due to the decline in affiliate advertising spend caused by the increasing danger and fraud presented by and through affiliates.

The unintended consequence of this movement in advertising type has created two new issues:

  1. Children, clicking from apps or videos through to the advertisers site and then clicking every button available to be able to get back to the game or video, can result in an unauthorised (by the bill-payer) purchase; and
  2. Adults clicking on ads and then through payment pages without realising their actions

This draft guidance is provided by aimm to enable mobile operators, payment intermediaries and digital merchants to maximise their efforts (and to be able to demonstrate their efforts) to mitigate the issues identified above.

The document is supplied in draft for to enable member’s comments, queries and suggestions. Please make any alterations to the document as required and return to info@aimm.co