AIME Early Warning System (EWS)

The AIME Early Warning System for advertisers enables them to warn each other of bad practices that they have encountered when conducting their own monitoring.

The Early Warning System is a Digital Marketing Community blogging system designed to alert advertisers of malware and malpractices that have been spotted by other advertisers, anti-virus companies, PhonepayPlus, security specialists and other UK businesses.  EWS goes hand in hand with the AIME Digital Marketing Guide.

EWS is for use by both AIME Members and non members. Only Members have access to Member contributed content, but everyone has access to basic level information. All information is behind password control, and on first access you will be required to set up a new account to be able to login.
All Digital Marketing advertisers and monitoring companies are encouraged to contribute information for sharing.

Receive Twitter alerts from EWS by following @AIMEWarnings

If you have any queries, or you want to get your new EWS account set up, email us on: