aimm provides ADR scheme for members

aimm and Consumer Dispute Resolutions Services Ltd. have formed an agreement to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Services for aimm members. Branded CommsADR, the service will allow aimm’s merchant members who run into an impasse with a consumer dispute to refer the consumer and the dispute to ADR. CommsADR will independently examine both sides of the dispute and provide a binding decision to resolve the dispute. This decision can be weighted either towards the merchant or consumer but each case will be accompanied by a report explaining how the outcome was achieved. The consumer and merchant can use the ADR report if the dispute escalates to PSA or to the consumer’s network operator.

aimm Managing Director (interim) Rory Maguire stated: There will always be a level of disputes from consumers if they forget the digital purchase they have made or have made the purchase inadvertently and  our members provide top class customer service to deal with these issues. Where an impasse occurs, it can take the heat out of the situation by passing the complaint and the complainant to an independent body for resolution. A merchant with good customer service will embrace ADR and we are pleased to have negotiated a special rate for our members. For more information read the aimm and CommsADR literature on the aimm website.