Vulnerable Persons Guidance

This Vulnerable Persons documentation is provided on an advisory basis and is for guidance only. aimm cannot be held responsible for ensuring that Vulnerable Persons are treated appropriately by your organisation. It is the responsibility of each individual organisation to ensure they comply with PSA regulations.

In the event of a divergence between any aimm best practice documentation/templates and mobile network operator forms and requirements, the latter will trump as per the Intermediaries’ contracts with the MNOs.


 To provide new and small businesses, or those with limited resource, with a template to assist with compliance to the PSA’s Code 15 in regards to Vulnerable Persons.

The regulator to the phone-paid services industry – the Phone-Paid Services Authority (PSA) – have published the 15th Code of Practice, which comes into force in April 2022. The Code includes a new Standard around the provision of phone-paid services to Vulnerable Persons and seeks to reduce consumer harm to those who may be classed as vulnerable.