AIME is taking action on the following issues and is in contact with the relevant regulator business and/or Government department to communicate the impact on to members business and to seek appropriate changes.

For more information on any of the issues detailed below and how it could affect your business, please contact us.


— PSD2: Changes to the exemption in the EU Payment Services Directive (PSD) that currently allows network operators (subject to certain conditions) to provide low value payment services without the need for a Payment Services Providers Licence are in place and are transposing to UK law for implementation January 2018.

AIME, with support from Mobile Broadband Group (MBG), PhonepayPlus (PPP) and UK Treasury lobbied Europe for higher thresholds per transaction, protection of charity donations and inclusion of  entertainment and transport tickets. Most points were won with the exception of the monthly limits.

AIME, MBG and PPP are now working with Treasury to minimise the impact of implementation on network operators, clarify points of interpretation and attempt to permit a “go early” introduction of tickets.

More Information on Payments Services Directive