• Evina provides MNOs, merchants, ad networks and payment gateways worldwide with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions for mobile payments and advertising. By effectively fending off fraudsters, complaint rates decrease, brand image is protected, and new markets are opened up while revenue increases.

    Evina’s product suite boosts turnover by dealing with fraud in the right way across more than 60 countries and involving tens of millions of transactions daily.
    –      Evina’s DCBprotect solution blocks fraud on carrier billing and maximizes legitimate transactions, increasing revenue by using the power of carrier billing to the fullest. (99,7% of fraudulent transactions detected, 0,2% false positive rate, <100ms latency)
    –      Evina’s Eyewitness is the first solution in the world able to record data-enriched videos of what users actually see and do on the payment page. It saves time and money in complaints management and helps all players to maintain trustful and transparent relationships.
    With the protection of Evina, major players the world over have eliminated fraud and been able to grow their businesses by:

    • Unlocking more efficient payment flows
    • Accessing more profitable traffic sources
    • Enabling precious partnerships.

    Evina initiates a new era of cybersecurity. We help clients transform cybersecurity from a defensive to an offensive expenditure that enables access to promising new markets.

    Evina has dedicated more than 15 years to developing advanced cybersecurity technology with the most comprehensive fraud sensors, richest data captured through a dedicated global mobile honeypot network in more than 70 countries and the best decision making through machine learning and cyber threat intelligence led by cybersecurity research engineers.

    Fraud on digital monetization market is on the rise and jeopardizes business opportunities for all players. Direct Carrier Billing is one of the markets that suffers the most, and yet, a tremendous value is revealed when fraud is handled the right way. Evina was built on this statement. With 10+ years of R&D in cybersecurity and carrier billing, Evina’s team developed its anti-fraud solution:
    EVINA DCBprotect.
    Evina makes a sustainable market for everyone. This is why our clients choose us, to boost and secure their growth. Evina’s clients are all industry-players: Mobile Network Operators, Aggregators, and Content Editors. They use Evina’s solution to ensure and preserve their best engagement paths.
    Evina, security for business growth.
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