aimm brings members together to look at common opportunities or common issues and attempts to resolve these and create growth, by encouraging collaboration through working groups.

  • Broadcasters Working Group

    An opportunity for the UK broadcasters to get together and discuss current industry issues, and future looking business opportunities.

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  • Consumer Journey Working Group

    This topic is relevant to all industries, and is now top of many agendas to ensure that this is key, and customer experiences are improved.

    This group first met in 2015 where it addressed issues such as PSA call handling and ‘myth busting’.

    Now prioritising its focus on:

    • Subscription Management System Project
    • Improving customer complaint levels
    • Post sale information, receipts, billing, bill summaries
    • Customer care quality across the value chain
    • Internet searching (address the forums with negative and inaccurate details and educate)
    • Call handling and resolution
    • ADR facilities


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  • Data Requirements Working Group

    This Working Group was created from proposal at the GM, and has only met once in November 2015 to discuss concerns regarding the sharing of data for benchmarking. Discussion on how to consolidate data and the categorisation of consumer calls. Agreed that needed data to enable understanding on future issues with the data acting as an indicator to where the market is moving away from established patterns or “benchmarks”.

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  • CTAG (Charity Text Action Group)

    The activities of the Charity Text Action Group are focused primarily around resolving any issues with charity text via short code ranges, growing society lottery services, examining charity call centre activities and assisting technology and fundraising companies.

    Under discussions are a range of topics such as the use of unique 72 shortcode range for society lotteries to maximise VAT exemption, aimm’s work with EU on donation value thresholds and changing the regulatory requirements for regular giving by text.

    CTAG comprises of society lottery managers, donation enabling companies, campaign management companies and aggregators/intermediaries.

    Although this group has a different remit to the Broadcast Charity Working Group, there may be mutual benefits from the output of each.

    Group is focusing on:

    • Gambling Commission requirements
    • Driving Society Lottery success
    • Improvements in technology for donation and lottery systems 
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  • Charity Working Group

    The Charity Working Group is formed for large scale charities who work with broadcasters for their fundraising campaigns and the intermediaries that they work with.

    The Working Group’s objective is to bring all parties together to establish common practices, to work together and to address common issues. By working together with major UK charities, mobile network operators and broadcasters, this allows us to lobby regulators and Governmental officials to solve issues that affect our industry.

    We ensure that charities are assisted with audibility for the claiming of Gift Aid, the rules around post donation marketing and a donor’s journey.

    The groups focus is:

    • Improvements to Gift Aid system
    • Charity campaign successes and case studies
    • Society Lotteries launch and promotion
    • Donation rates and improvements to donation channels
    • Regulatory updates and impacts
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  • General Meetings

    The aimm quarterly General Meetings (GM’s) are open to Silver and Gold Members and are a good opportunity to find out what aimm has been working on over the prior three months, latest industry news and updates and a chance to listen to speakers from other areas across the industry.

    The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the last meeting of the year and is open to all aimm members.

    You can find presentations from both aimm and our speakers below for your reference.

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  • Industry Liaison Panel (ILP)

    The Industry Liaison Panel (ILP) is an advisory panel run by the premium rate regulator Phone-paid Services Authority which seeks to identify emerging trends and issues and facilitate a two-way communication between industry and Phone-paid Services Authority.

    aimm represents its members and general industry at the quarterly ILP meetings. Members are able to raise items through aimm to add to the ILP agenda.

    PSA produces meeting notes after each meeting which are available to members below.

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  • Digital Marketing Working Group

    The Digital Marketing Working Group (DMWG) is the specialist working group set up to look at the issues that are experienced by members using digital marketing that is aimed at UK mobile consumers. Issues range from malware to affiliate fraud and misleading practices targeted at the advertisers funds and also affect consumers, misled by the activities.

    Three areas under the Working Groups focus are:

    Affiliate marketing issues: (including malware, adware, misleading promotions etc.), how these manifest, how to control risk, how to apply controls, how to put pressure on affiliate networks to exercise controls, detecting of issues and collaborative notification of issues.

    Regulatory approach: regulatory approach towards advertisers using digital marketing, proportionate and pragmatic treatment and the advertisers evidence demonstrating that controls are in place.

    Web based Subscription sign-ups. Consumer complaints to PhonepayPlus indicate that consumers were not aware that they were committing to a subscription service on Co-Reg sites and other web based services. The DMWG is developing guidance for members to ensure consumer clarity and positive consumer opt-in is gained regardless of the promotional mechanism.

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  • Interactive Broadcast Forum

    Building trust and confidence with consumers is key to running successful interactive broadcast services. The AIME Interactive Broadcast forum was established in November 2007 to address pricing transparency for consumers and continues to meet on a regular basis with the objective of driving growth in the interactive broadcast market in a responsible manner.

    Recent key projects have included business case authoring for Voice Short Code use in broadcast, as well as a number of research reports and best practice guides including the comprehensive AIME Participation TV Guide.

    Recent activity in 2014 has been the formation of the sub-group, the AIME Charity Working Group and the development of changes to the on screen and radio call-to-action that will become effective in mid-2015

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  • Charge To Mobile Working Group

    The aimm Charge to Mobile Working Group is a very well attended and active working group; originally formed as the Payforit Working Group in 2010, it extended its remit after 2014 to encompass the growth and development of the whole category of “Charge to Mobile”.

    The Charge to Mobile Working Group continues to be a consulting partner to the Payforit Management Group providing feedback on development of the cross operator payment scheme as part of its activities.The Working Group participants are made up from mobile operators and connected payment intermediaries / aggregators with occasional presence from key merchants. The Working Group objective is to identify and resolve the barriers to growth, collaborate on areas that can provide growth through new products for consumers, identify common goals and opportunities and utilise resources available to realise those goals.

    The Charge to Mobile Working Group focuses widely on the overall charge to mobile billing capabilities including voice shortcodes, text shortcodes and direct operator billing, assessing market opportunities and collaborating with members involved in the group to remove barriers to market growth and resolving identified consumer issues.

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  • Voice Services Working Group

    The Voice Services group, since its creation in 2010, has tackled a number of issues that relate more closely to the traditional fixed line environment. This group continues to drive initiatives such as Higher Rate Tariffs and VAT free PRS services, whilst focussing also on projects such as clearer pricing transparency, supporting regulatory frameworks and contributing to regulatory consultation responses.

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