Location London
Time 14:30 - 16:00
If you would like to attend this working group please contact aimm to reserve your seat. Conference call facilities are available for this meeting. As a result of issues reported to aimm related to the AIT and Billing Dispute Procedures implemented by BT Wholesale under their SIA, aimm has consolidated input and has met with BT Wholesale to discuss the issues raised, particularly those that cause significant financial distress to companies. We have also discussed a review of the AIT procedures and a review of SIA with them. Following on from this, aimm will be holding an open invitation meeting to ensure that we have captured all TNO issues correctly and are able to cite real-life examples of how these issues commercially affect TNO’s. Our plan is to be able to address these issues individually with BTW and gain commitment to changes. We also plan to advise companies of our progress to date and next steps.